Thursday, July 2, 2009

Peck's DYSMHA reviewed by Heathen Harvest

Artist: M.Peck
Title: Dysmha
Label: Chaotic Underworld
Genre: Dark Ambient/ Electronic/ Glitch
Track Listing:
01 Deathbed Memory
02 Ghost With No Conscious

M.Peck (also known as Michael Peck and Redfadesbeforeblue) is a composer of electronic and dark ambient soundscapes.  He’s been recording music with digital synthesizer, software applications and Theremin since 2000.  Already known to the electronic scene as a maestro of ominous dark ambient, he brings us Dysmha.

“Deathbed Memory” is a texture of ambient sounds woven with Theremins, guitar effects, cymbals and some truly ghost-like vocals.  It has what can best be described as a monumentally glacial mood.  This is definitely music to conjure up a sinister atmosphere.  Howling effects ascend and descend into a wasteland of eerie sounds.

“Ghost With Conscious”, while similar in sounds has a definite industrial slant to it.   My only dispute is that maybe it’s a fraction too alike, as one song seemed to end without a new one beginning. That being said, it is a cohesive piece in relation to “Deathbed Memory” with a continuation of menacing sonic journey.

A level of above par production must be mentioned.  In a word, it’s flawless.  M.Peck’s technical ability is about as close to perfection as a performer can come to.  That perfection can lean on the side of coldness, but maybe that was the point of the compositions within themselves.  After all how many of our memories are of the warm and fuzzy nature (found on the deathbed or not)?  Could the specter without awareness of their thoughts and actions be those around us or our own selves?  Maybe M. Peck is asking us for that answer.