Thursday, August 18, 2011

Muted In A Perfect Black Now Available

The third installment from MAGGOTAPPLEWONDERLAND continues in all it's malignant glory that first garnered them attention six years ago with their debut "Six Hits of Sunshine... and the Bruises To Show." Be assured that they have not abandoned their trademark dissonance or melancholic passages in trade for whatever is currently in fashion. Instead, 'Muted in a Perfect Black" could quite be their most accessible offering to date. MAW continue to embrace juxtaposed frequencies with morose melody and frantic sound design, creating an unsettling, often trance-like state. Lye down, kill the lights and unravel. This is a toast to the malign.
This release is made available under Creative Commons licensing. Please feel free to link to, and/or distribute freely. Thank you for your support!

   Muted In A Perfect Black by maggotapplewonderland

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Release from M. Peck on Ethereal Live

"Ethereal Live returns with its second release with ambient electronic stalwart M.Peck and a stunning live album called “Bodies To The Sky”. M.Peck, aka Michael Peck, is well known in the ambient and electronic communities as a solo artist, as one half of the duo Mahoney & Peck, his label Waiting World Records, and for a plethora of live performances around the U.S that include The Gatherings, City Skies, Star’s End, Electro-Music, and many more.
If you have ever seen Michael Peck play live, you know the powerful force of sound this musician can create in a space. Whether it is laptop, synthesizers, Theremin, or guitar, Michael Peck has an energy that cannot be ignored. Ethereal Live has had the pleasure of seeing this musician perform many times and each performance is always an impressive and unique set of twists and turns in sound that never repeat themselves. This live set is no exception.
Originally recorded live on on January 30, 2010, “Bodies To The Sky” is a sweeping romp through several sub-genres of ethereal music. Listeners will find a grand mixture of light floating ambient drifts that sink into pools of darkness only to spill over into a multi-dimensional plateau of deep space sounds and then do it all over again. “Bodies To The Sky” stores it’s brilliance in its subtleties and fans of all genres of ambient music will find something quite worthy of their time.
Performed, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by M.Peck at Audio Propulsion Labs in June of 2011. The amazing artwork for this album is by Frank Pacini. Ethereal Live is very proud to release M.Peck “Bodies To The Sky” as a free Creative Commons download for all to enjoy."
Follow this link to download your free copy:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mahoney and Peck featured on Music With Space

The track "Fallen Are The Pillars" from Mahoney and Peck's 2010 A.L.I. release was featured on Music With Space hosted by Michael Hunter. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Release from M. Peck-Beneath Forever

"Peck covers a large swath of ground in this release. Some pieces are bold and direct, standing up proudly and demanding the listener's immediate attention. Others drift lazily along through strange new sound worlds, enticing the listener to melt into the music and setting the imagination free. Others vibrate and coalesce with delightfully interacting pulses of electronica and percussion, never quite falling into the world of Berlin school, always charting a fresh course. Still others simmer darkly, crackling with a barely restrained energy lurking just below the surface. Truly something for everyone here."

This title can be downloaded here.

Mahoney and Peck City Skies Performance

For those unable to attend the 4th Annual City Skies Festival, here is the link to the audio.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Peck to perform at the Gatherings


This four track, 20+ minute slab of depressive audio poetics will finally rear it's head by months end. Muted in a Perfect Black continues to show the exploration in sound and composition. As the title indicates, this EP is dark, and painfully depressive. It is MAW for Christ's sake, what else would you expect?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eyes Cast Down Reviews A Life Incandescent

"Tennessee space musicians Mark Mahoney and Michael Peck team up for their fourth duo album, A Life Incandescent (Waiting World Records 009), a feast of classic analog sounds with a strong science-fiction, exploratory vibe. The music was recorded live (at the Gathering and on Star’s End) in 2008, with both musicians working synths & laptops, and released in June 2010.
Two of the album’s standout features are clear very early on: energy and concision. Each piece crackles with energy (both organic & electronic). Buzzing leads, filter sweeps, roaring basses, spiraling spacelines, ghostly atmospheres, insect-like nicks and ticks, and more, drive us through a galaxy rich in wonders. There’s no floaty “new age” indulgence here; this is serious space music, meticulously crafted with clear intent."
Thanks to Greg for including this release in his recent reviews. To read the entire review click here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kuwahara Cultivations Series Volume 1

Waiting World Records is proud to announce Cultivation Series Volume 1 from the post-industrial/dark ambient outfit Kuwahara (Mike Honeycutt and M. Peck) is now available.
Unlike many sophomore releases, this 45 minute slab of gnarled soundscapes and shimmering audio poetics are remixes of the tracks featured on the groups highly acclaimed debut HoneyCult.
Cultivation Series Volume 1 features remixes from some of today's most notable sound artists and standouts in their genres with offerings from WILT, Steve Brand, Mannequin Hollowcaust, Andrew Lagowski and two previously unreleased tracks from Kuwahara. Make no mistake, these are not just rehashed renditions of the original tracks and come off as something entirely new to the listener. Each artist left their own mark on the tracks leaving the release as a whole, a very fluid and coherent offering, albeit jaundiced and decrepit, this album reeks of brilliance in a most progressive manner.
This release comes packaged with full color artwork and full color CDr housed in a ultra clear poly bag. Please send $10 (includes S/H to mpeckmusic (@) gmail dot com to order yours today.

Monday, January 10, 2011

ECHOTOMB Free Net Release

From deep within the Appalachia, resident beatmeister ECHOTOMB (M. Peck) is set to release his
forthcoming full length “Error to the Throne” which if you’ve kept up is the follow up to his 2010
EP “LID”. More than just a heaping offering of beat madness, this album explores the depths of timbre and
tonality while staying accessible and experimental at the same time coupled with Zappaesque melody
lines and playfulness.
Clocking in at just under an hour, this album reveals the endless boundaries of Peck’s sonic palette, and
is easily his best "beat" work to date. One can still see Peck giving a proper nod to his peers but also separating himself to a level and realm all his own, and taking the jive higher and higher.

This is a Free Net Release (donations are gladly accepted at mpeckmusic (at) gmail dot com. Go to and download the set today!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Secret Music Top 25 of 2010

Secret Music radio host Scott Raymond also listed Mahoney and Peck's A Life Incandescent on his Top 25 of 2010. Click here for the entire list. Thanks for the continued support Scott!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Recent Nod from Star's End

In early 2010, we released the final installment from the duo Mahoney & Peck A Life Incandescent and received some note worthy attention. Recently, we were made aware that it also was picked by Star's End as a significant release of 2010. Here is the link to view the entire list, and a special thank you to SE host Chuck van Zyl for his support on the album as his artwork graces the cover, and to Art Cohen that assisted in engineering this album.