Friday, October 23, 2009

KILLBOT-Beep and Twitch Sneak Peek

Track List:
01. tenth
02. muffin stump mountain
03. five lion waltz
04. fortress maximus
05. jc speedcore
06. mighty meat treat
07. rasta styleee
08. potty training
09. portrait of a trailor park
10. vampires rule!!!
11. how am i not myself?
We are currently waiting on the proof to come back for approval on this upcoming release. For those of you interested in pre-orders please contact us at waitingworldrecords at gmail dot com. Stay tuned for more info.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall/Winter Release Schedule

Over the next few months three (possibly four) new releases will be available from WWR.
Killbot: Beep and Twitch
Official press release, artwork and track listing will be posted soon. In the meantime preview tracks are available at Killbot's Myspace.
Release date 10.27.09.

Kuwahara: Honey Cult
From experimental electronic performer Mike Honeycutt and M. Peck, Honey Cult offers an orgy of sound with a dismal undercurrent. The first single "A Basket for Elliot" can be heard on the Chaotic Underworld Noise Compilation Volume 4 "We Still Prey".
Release date in mid-November

Mark Mahoney and M. Peck
Back again together to collaborate on their fourth full length release that focuses on material composed for the 2008 Gathering performance in Philadelphia, PA. This perhaps is the most diverse and conceptual offering from Mahoney and Peck to date.
Release date TBA.