Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Like Hemlock reviewed in Blood1000

"Just over one hour of music begins with Bloodwood, a silken track with organic sounds accompanying synths and a base drone that carries it along. The track hints at innocence, before descending into a dark landscape before it finishes. The dark ending of Bloodwood prepares the listener for the tense start of Kapala – something ominous this way definitely comes." To read the entire review, please visit http://blood1000.wordpress.com/2012/03/10/dan-minoza-m-peck-like-hemlock/

Friday, March 2, 2012

Kuwahara - Kandyheart Afghan Now Available

Kandyheart Afghan, the third release from Kuwahara, reveals the duo's fondness for bleak atmospheres and tortured electronics. Kuwahara continues head-first into the abyss with no signs of turning back. Purposely avoiding the white walls of sound from early pioneers of noise and dark ambient that influenced them, they instead focus on texture and melancholic passages to move their audience with a wretched grace rather than brute force. Make no mistake; this album is a pummeling slab of tectonic movements and soundscapes, much like their previous installments. This however, dwells in a realm of nightmare and abandoned hope.

Digital Download is $5, available in Flac and almost any other format you want. For physical copies, please contact waitingworldrecords at gmail.com
Enjoy and thanks for your support!