Monday, June 22, 2009

M. Peck Summer Solstice link/download

Enjoy this 30 minute set of all new material performed last Saturday, June 20, during the Summer Solstice streaming celebration.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Solstice Stream

Earlier tonight, and embarked on an unusual homage to the Summer Solstice via internet. For 24 straight hours, they broadcasted live electronic music from musicians that spanned the entire globe ranging from dark ambient, berlin school, experimetnal to Chuck Improvosations, and more, live via the web.
WWR artists Mark Mahoney and M. Peck took up an hour slot from 8:00-9:00pm est. and delivered some great sonic gravy. Each generating contrasting sets of bio-ambience and cerebral interludes.
Thanks to both and for making this happen.
Check back soon for links to these two amazing sets!

Beyond the Vaulting Sky...reviewed in Sonic Curiosity

MARK MAHONEY: Beyond the Vaulting Sky (CD on Waiting World Records)

This release from 2009 offers 58 minutes of ambient electronic music.

Brooding atmospherics are seasoned by delicate electronic waves that lend the sky music an expansive milieu.

As an ambient foundation unfurls, pleasant electronics sigh and ripple with languid definition. Lavish hissing sweeps cascade through the mix. Deep tones resonate in tandem with high-end pitches, establishing a congenial counterbalance of effects. Flutish keyboards mingle with mechanized rainfall, evoking a winsome nostalgia for unexplored realms.

The presence of grittier enhancements introduce favorable substance to the ethereal flow. Glitchy chitterings, hints of percussive pitterings, sparkling diodes, gurgling chords--all of which provide the tuneage with delightful density. Mahoney has an alluring tendency to balance softness with body, resulting in an appealing robust sound that remains fragile and peaceful.

In some tracks, sounds are utilized in a percussive manner, bolstering the gently streaming melodies with rhythmic motivation. The tempos are amiable and mild, coaxing a moderate degree of animation to the ambience.

While these compositions are generally ambient in nature, the presence of more substantial embellishments elevate the music to contemporary status. The harmonic definition often exhibits enticing melodic traces, giving the music's contemplative character an entertaining spirit.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mahoney in ATL July 11

Saturday, July 11 Mark Mahoney will be appearing at the monthly City Skies concert series held in Decatur, Ga. (Just outside of Atlanta).
This will be Mark's third appearance at the City Skies series which is curated by our friend Jim Combs (aka Sensitive Chaos). The City Skies monthly series offers an intimate setting for fans of all genres of electronica and electro-acoustic performance. The venue is rather quaint offering both food and drink and a wonderful sound system to get the most bang for your buck.
Log onto for more info.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Top 20

Mark Mahoney's latest release has been getting a lot of airplay here in the states and was recently listed on the Star's End Top 20, as well as our good friends Jason Sloan and his latest album "[--]" and Darrell Burgan with his release "Elysium Planitia". Here is the entire list:
The Abstract Sound - Deep Space (Refugia)
Between Interval - The Edge of a Fairytale (Wanderings)
Circular - Substans (Ultimae)
Dutch Space Mission - Masters of Space and Time (AmbientLive)
Free System Projekt - Procyon (MusicZeit)
Jon Hassell - Last Night the Moon Came (ECM)
Ideation - Adrift (Ricochet Dream)
Jeffrey Koepper - Radiate (Ricochet Dream)
Mark Mahoney - Beyond the Vaulting Sky (WWR) James Murray - Where Edges Meet (Ultimae)
Craig Padilla/Zero Ohms/Skip Murphy - Beyond the Portal (Lotuspike)
Palancar - Elysium Planitia (Blue Water)
Steve Roach - Dynamic Stillness (Projekt)
Ethan Rose - Oaks (Holocene)
Jason Sloan - [--] (Slobor Media)
Soporus - 24.110 (Burnt Toast Vinyl)
Saul Stokes - Metacollage (Stokesmusic)
Tangerine Dream - Booster (Purple Pyramid)
Whitetree - Cloudland (Ponderosa Music & Art)
Various Artists - STAR'S END 30th Anniversry Anthology (World Cafe)