Thursday, August 18, 2011

Muted In A Perfect Black Now Available

The third installment from MAGGOTAPPLEWONDERLAND continues in all it's malignant glory that first garnered them attention six years ago with their debut "Six Hits of Sunshine... and the Bruises To Show." Be assured that they have not abandoned their trademark dissonance or melancholic passages in trade for whatever is currently in fashion. Instead, 'Muted in a Perfect Black" could quite be their most accessible offering to date. MAW continue to embrace juxtaposed frequencies with morose melody and frantic sound design, creating an unsettling, often trance-like state. Lye down, kill the lights and unravel. This is a toast to the malign.
This release is made available under Creative Commons licensing. Please feel free to link to, and/or distribute freely. Thank you for your support!

   Muted In A Perfect Black by maggotapplewonderland