Friday, May 29, 2009

Peck's DYSMHA reviewed in Igloo Magazine

Here's a snippet of the recent review featured in Igloo Magazine.
"Definitely not one for those of delicate ambient sensibilities, Dysmha creeps malevolently into the "doombient" bag with the emphasis on the doom- rather than the (am)bient. DQ (Doom Quotient) is cranked down past the fuzz/buzz-point where you'd locate Fear Falls Burning, and past the gruzz/scuzz-point of Nadja, rendered namby-pambient by comparison. Nearest spirit-kin for these diseased slabs of creeping audio-efflatus would be in the sludge dungeons of Sunn O))). Walls of corrosive guitar, theremin and audio-scum are stirred together into a foul brew of purulent atmospheres of oppressive expressivity. That's opener, "Deathbed Memory." An excoriating pitch black exercise of asphyxiating dense guitar sludge dredged up from some Stygian depths, all toxic brimstone and bitter treacle, is its companion piece "Ghost with No Conscious," a harbinger of no less nihilist doom-gloom."
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